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Argo z Martinického dvora - hungarian shorthaired pointer

Hungarian shorthaired pointer

My name is Zuzana Šimíčková and I am a proud owner of hungarian vizsla boy Argo z Martinického dvora. I would like to tell you my story and how I came acroos the breed and especially Argo.

It was 1995 and I was 3 years old at that time. One day mum and dad brought home a little hairy ball. A puppy of american cocker spaniel. Our little white puppy was given name Gessy. Gessy was being shown, but mostly she was the best friend of our family. At that time my love for her and dogs in general started to grow. It was getting bigger in time and life without a dog was not an option for me. During life of our Gess I was dreaming about having a big breed. I always liked the combination of big and small dog. Unfortunately my parents had different opinion and second dog was not allowed. Gess was spolied, stubborn, cuddly, moody, unique, but she was always my best friend. I wished she could stay with us forever, but as I grew older I began to understand it is not possible and there will come a day she will cross the rainbow bridge. That day came in 2010, when Gessy died in age of 15 years. At that time having another dog was not in question. One, two years passed and I know it is time to get new dog friend. I missed dogs devotion, their look and love :)

In 2013 I decided to find my own space and I was independent. Since the moment I was 100% sure I am moving to my own flat, I was determinated to have a dog.

My big hunt for information began. The list of suitable breeds was limited to big breeds. In the end I came to three finalists - rhodesian ridgeback, weimaraner and hungarian vizsla. After I took a closer look at each of the breeds my decision was made. My new friend will be hungarian shorthaired pointer / vizsla. Character that was decsribed was what confirmed the fact, that it is the breed I am ging to have. My search for the breeder started. My choice was kennel „z Martinického dvora“, where they had their first litter and that is how it all began.

On 17th September 2014 me and my mum went from Prague to Holešov (near Zlin) for a little puppy called Argo. I choosed Argo according to the photos of puppy with green collar and information given me via email by breeder Jitka Höglová. I know many of you now think I am crazy, that I choosed a puppy just like that. But it is exactly what I did at that time.

When we came to Jitka's place, she took us to the garden, where little puppies were waiting for us. The very first puppy that came to say hello was puppy with green collar - "our" Argo. It was unbelievable as the whole time in the car I was trying to solve one question: "What if another puppy will favour us?". It is said you should take home with you the puppy that will first run to you. It was a destiny and my dream became true. The little red puppy has bewitched us from the very first look. I knew he is the one - "Mr.Perfect" for us. Breeder Jitka and her husband spend a long hours with us talking and let us pet with their whole pack. It was wonderful and crazy experience for us. After a while it was time to go, so all three of us (me, mum and Mr.Perfect) went home. The ride back was fine and Argo slept the whole way. When we arrived home, there came a moment of crying as he miseed his mum 9 siblings, but as soon as I took him in my arms and my bed, he stopped. Our first night together was above any expectations. Argo slept the whole night and woke up around 6AM. HE setteled in very fast and as soon se he woke up he was enjoying attention of the whole family and all the visits that came to see him.

That day my life went upside down and I am glad I made the decision to have a hungarian vizsla. He means a world to me. I enjoy every single day with him.

I bought Argo as a companion, buddy for walks and "pet". As the time went by, I was getting a lot of new information and the breed and decided to lead Argo also as a hunting dog, which was new to me and Argo as well. The big challange for us began. I was always told by everyone: "Follow your dreams and never give up". Now it was time to listen and face the challange and I hope we will come victorius in the end.

The most important is though that my reddish love is healthy and happy!!!

Hungarian shorthaired pointer Hungarian shorthaired pointer Hungarian shorthaired pointer

„Dog is the only creature in the whole world that loves you more than itself.“
– Josh Billings

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